Crab Speceis


Free 3D Crab Aquarium Screensaver  v.1.5.1

Free 3D Crab Aquarium Screensaver brings fun and laughs to your desktop with many species of crab.

Crab Hunter Slots

The game Crab Hunter Slots starts with the picture of a fine island. It looks as a paradise on earth: soft surf and bright sun. But there is something strange on the beach: You will discover it playing Crab Hunter Slots. The game will delight all game


Crab Effect  v.1.0.1

Crab Effect is a game where you have to force the collision of mines to get rid of them. For achieving that, you'll need to relocate the mines into the map.

Red Crab Cube Timer  v.1 3

Red Crab Cube Timer is a very comprehensive free tool for Rubik's Cube players. Developed by Tom Auger, this accurate timer will help you record your progress when solving this famous cube puzzle.

Crab Attack

Crab Attack is a free great game from free online arcade games. You are a crab that came to shore in order to catch some sun. But you got attacked by some nasty spiders. Do not let them get you. Move fast left and right and cut them with your

Crab and Pearl

Addictive puzzle nice game for all ages. The crab collects pearls of different colors. If three or more pearls are of the same color they will disappear. Use mouse to shoot the pearl. Do not let the pearl reach the end of the line, earn points and move

Brave Crab  v.1.31.68

Shifty Crab is upon the look for treasures. A game for children that involves them into the action, makes them feel real participants of the adventure and shifts children to many interesting locations with plenty of atmosphere,

Hunter 1 Crab Revenge  v.2.3

Hunter - Crab Revenge, is a variation on the classic PacMan game. Collect apples scattered on the field while dodging enemies. There lived a brave hunter. After a previous hunt, he came home and accidentally crushed a small crab.

The Crab  v.0.2.0-2

Organize your music fast and easy. The Crab is a small utility that can help you organize your music albums using various music data sources, such as Amazon or Discogs. In fact, you can write your own data access plugin!

Tap Mr. Crab  v.

Mr. Crab seems quite annoyed by your presence at his beach… STAY FOCUSED!! He won’t let you go unharmed, unless you evade his sharp claws by staggering him with the correct moves until the dawn. Every day you return at the beach he becomes more

Crab warsf  v.

please help the crab fight to scramble territory, using sensors to control, be careful with the weapons of the enemy, good luck !! of course this is the free version, be limited screen, you can buy full version from me with name: crab

Crab wars  v.

please help the crab fight to scramble territory, using sensors to control, be careful with the weapons of the enemy,

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